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All Inclusive Pet Services

Zionsville Country Kennel’s "All-Inclusive" services are something you won’t find at just any kennel. We take extra steps to ensure that all your pet’s needs are met, without the hassle of extra charges or extra worries. When you trust the care, health and happiness of your pet with us, you receive in return with your boarding all of the following services free of charge:

Waste Elimination


Cleanliness is a top priority at Zionsville Country Kennel. We disinfect daily with the best products available. Clean food and water pans are replaced daily, and bedding is washed before pet goes home and on an as-needed basis. Our facility is monitored for security 24 hours a day. The kennel is equipped with fire, smoke, heat and motion detectors. These sensors are monitored by a professional security company. In addition, to ensure your comfort and the security of your pet, the owners of Zionsville Country Kennel live on the grounds of the facility.


We carry Top of the Line (5 star) pet food products (including Grain-Free Lamb and Fish) for all of our boarded pets. If you require a different food for your pet, you are more than welcome to bring it along. We will feed your pet up to three times per day based upon his or her needs, and will try and follow your pet’s feeding routine at home as closely as possible.  We also have No-Gobble bowls if speed eating is an issue with your dog.

Waste Elimination

90%-95% of all dogs will eliminate in the outside portion of their runs during the day. We monitor their eating and elimination habits daily, and take them out to a grassy area if they are uncomfortable eliminating in their outside run. Small pets staying in our specialized, indoor Little Dog Room are taken outside to a fenced-in play yard five times per day to exercise and relieve themselves.


If your pet requires any special medications and/or supplements, we will administer them according to the schedule you require. There is no additional charge for this service.  

If your pet becomes ill during a stay, our protocol is to call you first for directions unless we determine the illness might be life threatening.  If we determine the illness might be life threatening, we will take your pet to the closest Emergency Clinic for immediate attention, and try to contact you on the way.  We will continue to try to contact you, or leave a message at the emergency contact number we have on file.