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Dog & Cat Boarding at Zionsville Country Kennel

Tours and "Trial Day"

When considering any new boarding facility, it is always best to check out the facilities ahead of time. Walk through the facility and ask questions about how your pet will be cared for, exercised, fed and housed, as well as any other concerns you might have. We encourage you to drop in any time, and visit our facility for a tour and to ask any questions you may have. We offer a "Trial Day" before you board, when possible. We will not charge you for your pet to visit for a day at our facility if you have a future reservation. Trial days allow your pet to adjust to the facility, realize you're coming back for them, and give you added peace of mind that our facility will be the perfect fit for you and your pet. Come see why we are the top choice in the Indianapolis area for dog boarding kennels!

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Dog Boarding Facility

The majority of the dogs that stay at the kennel are housed in their own indoor/outdoor run. Our STANDARD ROOM is 4' x 4' on the inside and 4' x 15' on the outside.  The door between the two areas can be raised and lowered to allow your dog to move about as they please (weather permitting).  Our DELUXE SUITES also have indoor/outdoor areas, but the suites are 5' x 10' inside with a window that looks outside onto their own private astroturf play area, another 112.5 sq feet  outside. 

The deluxe suites also include raised bedding (even though the floors are heated), with concierge service 5 times per day (brushing, petting, etc.).    

All of the runs are heated and air conditioned on the inside, with heated floors for use during colder temperatures. Each run has 6' privacy walls inside and 3' walls plus chain link fence outside.

Don't forget to ask for a Frequent Boarder Card... your pet can earn 2 free days of boarding!


Boarding Small Dogs

For small dogs we feature our Little Dog Rooms. These rooms consist of indoor-only rooms that are 5' by 4'. These dogs are taken outside to a fenced-in area five times a day for potty time and play time. Our Little Dog Rooms are meant for the pet that is small and timid and would not be comfortable in the larger indoor/outdoor runs.


Our most attractive service is our exercise program. It is based on the fact that most dogs are very social. We have six different exercise yards to accommodate our guests. We have four large yards (over 1 acre each), fenced, which are a perfect place for dogs to run unrestricted and play until their heart’s content. For dogs that need to run in a smaller group, or even by themselves, we have two yards at ½ acre each and three smaller yards behind the kennel area. We group the dogs together based on their size and personality, and staff members are present at all times when the dogs are outside. All of the fields have agility equipment for the dogs to play on, and we take toys with us for energetic games of ball, tag and Frisbee.  In the summertime we have pools to play in as well as hoses and shade to keep the dogs cool while they play.  The exercise sessions are at least 30 minutes in length. NOTE ON RATES: Extra rates apply for exercise programs ($9 per session - offering 2 session per day during the week, and one session per day on the weekend)

 Boarding Cats

Our cat boarding area, or CATTERY, is separate from where the dogs are boarded. All cats stay in a two-level condo, which is approximately 6' tall by 3' wide by 3' deep. The condo is divided into an upper and lower area with shelves to lie on and scratching posts for each cat. In addition to their condos, all cats are let out into the cattery room by themselves to play on the cathouses, or just look out the large Bay window at the bird feeders.

 Boarding Fees

Our fees are ALL INCLUSIVE, and based on the number of days boarding. The day your pet is left with us is the first day you are charged. The day you pick up is the last day you are charged, however the last day charge is waived when a pet is getting bathed/groomed, attending Kennel Camp, or is picked up before noon. Boarding rates are all inclusive, and include bedding, dispensing medications, giving treats, cleaning, brushing, loving, cuddling, night time tuck-in, and food (we serve a Top Rated Grain Free Lamb and Fish Food that we also offer for sale). We do not raise our boarding rates for prime-time or holiday periods.



$35.50/Day in the Std Rooms; $36.75/Day in the Little Dog Rooms; and $78.00/Day in the Deluxe Suites                                                                                                                                               

$23.25/Day in the Cattery

A 30% discount is applied on the second dog when multiple dogs from the same family share the same room, and/or a 10% discount applies for separate rooms.  In the Deluxe suites, each additional dog is only $20. On certain holidays, a non-refundable deposit made be required to hold your reservation.

Don’t forget to ask for a Frequent Boarder Card* … your pet can earn 2 free days of boarding.  


Exercise Program Fees

Our exercise program is a very popular choice for the active dog. Dogs that get additional exercise are let outside for 30 minutes of romping and running in our 10 acres of grassy play yards under the close supervision of our kennel staff. Exercising dogs may be grouped with other social and similarly-mannered dogs, or dogs can exercise on their own. Extra rates apply for exercise programs:

  • 1 exercise session per day (30 mins of fun in the fields)   $9
  • 2 exercise sessions per day   $18
  • Kennel Camp (5 hrs of activity & socialization)   $25 while boarding - Please schedule your Free Assessment prior to boarding. 
  • 1/2 day Kennel Camp (2.5 hrs)    $16 - Please schedule your Free Assessment prior to boarding

Frequent Boarder Card

Zionsville Country Kennel offers a frequent boarder card to our clients. The frequent boarder card is a multiple-stay discount card.  We give you a stamp for each day your pet stays with us, after thirty stamps you receive two days free. Please note: The card is the client’s responsibility as we do not stamp for past boarding stays. When your Frequent Boarder Card is redeemed, you will receive no punches for that stay.  This card can not be redeemed during peak periods, or holidays, and is not valid for any other services. Each card is per family and the discount is given as a total for that family.

*This offer is not valid for any other service and excludes holiday periods and spring break. Client is responsible for maintaining and presenting card. We do not stamp card for past boarding dates.

Pick-Up; Delivery; Early and/or Late Drop-Off and Pick-Up

These services and fees are available upon request and arranged by appointment only.  Please inquire when making your reservation.