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We would love to learn about your experiences at Zionsville Country Kennel. Whether it is boarding, grooming, training, or kennel or dog...good or not so good, we want to hear your story. Please e-mail us at If your testimonial is published you will receive a FREE day at kennel camp.

"The book "Four Paws From Heaven" sent from all of you in memory of Stocker is a touching gift. Your included comments are much appreciated! Stocker's favorite "Home away from Home" was Zionsville Country Kennel for all of his happy, Chocolate Lab, nine years. All I had to do was to mention the word "Kennel" and he was always ready to leave the house! His happiness to have arrived was always obvious. When he was led away to his Kennel Run he would always immediately leave and never ever look back at me!!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of him for all these years!"

Sincerely, Jim Floeck

"Kennel Camp at ZCK is a great experience for your dog. Our Labrador, Dasha, LOVES ZCK Kennel Camp. She is always excited when we pull into the parking lot, anticipating play time with her canine friends and visiting with the ZCK trainers. Exploring the secure play yard and running with her friends provides opportunity for her to exercise and release energy in a way that walking on a leash does not provide. After the morning play session and a mid-day rest period, she is thrilled to return to the play yard for an afternoon of more fun. She particulary enjoys splashing in the pool during hot weather. At the end of the day she is ready to go home for dinner and plop down for a good rest. I highly recommend ZCK Kennel Camp. A day at kennel camp provides opportunity for pets to socialize, exercise and adds a little zest to their life, taking them beyond the daily routine by providing variety and fun with other dogs. The facility is safe, secure, and supervised, providing necessary rest time as well as indoor play space when the weather is bad. Our experience with ZCK Kennel Camp has been nothing but positive. An added benefit is a tired dog when day is done, and usually the day following Kennel Camp, too!"

Sincerely, Dee & Joe Grecu & Dasha

"We love kennel camp, especially when we plan to take our Scootsy on a long road trip with us. Our family is spread along the East Coast from New York down to South Carolina and it usually takes a 12-15 hour trip to get to our loved ones. And, they want to see ALL of us......including our dog. We have found that when we put Scootsy in kennel camp the day before we travel we have a calm car trip. Scootsy usually is curious for the first 30-45 minutes in the car and then she is off sleeping or just resting with her bone on the backseat since she is EXHAUSTED from her previous day playing with the other dogs at kennel camp. We have done this our last 2 trips and we will do it from now on.....ALWAYS!!! Thanks so much!!!"

Kelly, Michael, Kaila, Trevor & Scootsy Kolodkin