Meet Our Team

Ron & Debbie Douglas, Owners

The Douglases are both animal lovers who were searching for a way to convert their passion into their livelihood. When they purchased Zionsville Country Kennel in 2010, they made that dream a reality. Along with pets Quinten and Trinity, they have moved in right next door to the kennel - in the home where former owners Jill and Dave Brattain lived, in fact. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue the tradition of loving service to the hundreds of adored pets that Jill and Dave have catered to for so long,” says Deb. “I look forward to getting to know every single pet and pet owner. The Brattains have told me that the Zionsville Country Kennel pet owners are the best group of people in the world, and I’m learning that they were absolutely right.”

Dennis Woodard, Kennel Manager

Dennis has been with Zionsville Country Kennel since 2004. He is formerly from the corporate world where he managed a warehouse for lawn equipment. Dennis is the proud owner of Bolt, a Cavalier King Charles who comes with him to work everyday.

Tasha Marshall, Kennel Manager

Tasha joined the Zionsville Country Kennel family June of 2007, working summers and then working through college. Tasha became the manager when she graduated from Marian University in 2013 with a degree in Sports Performance and Business.

Tasha graduated from Lebanon High school in 2007 and went on to pursue her basketball dream and played basketball at Taylor University for a year then transferred to Marian University where she finished out her career. While playing at Marian, Tasha broke two records in career assist and single season assist record.

Tasha is a proud owner of 5 dogs; Sophie, Duke, Rolo, Dobey (you'll see in the front office when you come in), and Foxy. Also, proud owner of 3 cats; Weasley, Katniss, and Piper. Outside of work and coaching Tasha enjoys spending time with family & friends, racing, and the outdoors.

Leigha, Groomer

Leigha worked as a milk maid at a dairy farm in northern Indiana before she started at the kennel in April, 2015. After a year watching the dogs in Kennel Camp, she decided she wanted to make dogs her career, so she started going to the Animal Arts Academy (for grooming) at night and on her off days. She finally graduated as a certified groomer in August 2016. Now she is splitting her time between Kennel Camp and grooming as she works to build up her clientele. Leigha owns four dogs; Dexter, Macy, Vilah, and Kovu who all come with her to work each day. She also has two cats; Joseph and Czarina.

Valerie Woodard, Groomer

Valerie has been with Zionsville Country Kennel since 1996. She graduated from Animal Arts Academy in 1988 and became a Certified Master Groomer in 2001. She is a certified member of IPG (International Professional Groomers) and continues her education through grooming seminars and workshops. Valerie specializes in “fluff” breeds (poodles, bichons, etc.).

Nikki Davis, Groomer

Nikki has been with Zionsville Country Kennel since 2004. She graduated from Animal Arts Academy in 2010. Nikki was previously the kennel receptionist and is very excited to be grooming and still interacting with the customers.

Bree Deaver, Customer Service Manager

Hello! My name is Bree Deaver and I've worked here since February of 2010 in between high school and college. I am now taking online classes at Ivy Tech and working towards my BA in Business Administration. I have a dog, cat, cockatiel and two horses and all but the bird are rescues! I foster and volunteer for an Australian Shepherd rescue called ARPH and volunteer at the local Humane Society for Boone County. I am an active volunteer trainer for the Boone Country 4-H Dog Project but I am by no means a professional! One of the most rewarding feelings about working here is developing the relationships with the client and their animal(s). I hope to see you and your animal soon so we can love and care for it like they were our own!

James Wilkerson, Kennel Camp Manager

James started at Zionsville Country Kennel in November of 2017. When not surrounded by dozens of Kennel Camp dogs, he enjoys reading, playing guitar, and working on the farm back home. His favorite breed is The Boxer.

Ryan Andrea, Trainer/Groomer


Ryan began working with dogs in 2010. He began his career by traveling throughout Indiana with a portable pool, and teaching dogs how to dock dive. He fell in love with helping people teach their puppies, and realized that he wanted to pursue a career in obedience training. In 2011 he began working full time in a kennel, working under a trainer who ran an in kennel training program. For the next seven years spent his time training puppies and problematic adult dogs. He would then work with the families to integrate the dogs back in the home, ensuring that the dogs and their families were successful. In 2014 Ryan also began teaching group classes. He has taught with many trainers, and in many aspects of dog training. He has taught obedience classes, as well as sport classes such as dock diving and agility. Ryan has also competed in dock diving and agility with his Belgian Malinois.


Ryan was given the opportunity to go to grooming school in 2011. He had never thought of being a groomer, and initially went to school to be as well rounded as possible. He quickly learned that there was an art to grooming, and became very passionate about becoming the best groomer that he could be. Ryan trained dogs during the day, while going to grooming school at night until he graduated from the Grooming School of Indiana in 2012. He has been doing pet cuts, along with bath and nail trims for boarding dogs ever since. While Ryan has focused mainly on typical pet cuts, he loves a challenge and is always looking to do uncommon breeds and haircuts. He also loves working with dogs who have had a hard time with grooming in the past. There is no greater satisfaction for Ryan than working with a difficult dog, and being able to complete a nice looking groom while gaining their trust in the process.

It is comforting to know our dog is in excellent hands while we are away from home. — Emily G.


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