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When it comes to dog boarding in Indianapolis IN, the dog’s choice is always to stay at Zionsville Country Kennel! We let the dogs off the leash at our pristine park and lake, so that they can have plenty of play time while you’re away. When it’s time to go inside, they can relax in our air-conditioned facility with heated floors for the colder months. The minute your dog walks through our doors, they have a comfortable place to stay!

We can accommodate dogs of all sizes and requirements. Guests have their very own sleeping accommodations with a door between the inside and outside of the facility that can be raised and lowered to allow your dog to move about as they please. View our dog boarding rates here.

As with all new facilities, we understand that new places take some getting used to for your dog. That’s why we invite guests to enjoy a free “Trial Day.” It’s here where they get to adjust to the facility and figure out if they feel comfortable in our space. We also invite you, the owner, to drop in for a tour of our facility and grounds, to give you peace of mind that your dog will be enjoying their stay in luxury. Call today to schedule a visit!

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Choosing a Dog Boarding Facility in Indianapolis IN

Choosing a kennel doesn't have to be a chore. Pay attention to this advice so that you can feel good about where your furry friend will be spending their days and nights.

  • Make sure the kennel has a reputable history. You won't want to send your dog anywhere that there's a history of mistreatment, bad service, or incidents among dogs. You can scope out a kennel by reading reviews online or visiting in person.
  • Choose a kennel that is relatively clean and free of illnesses among the dogs. You can ask questions about the risk rate for fleas, ticks, kennel cough, and other common ailments at an in-person visit.
  • Look for kennels that advertise special services for your pup. It is often the kennels that provide specialty care, like baths, nail trimming, and luxury services that go the extra mile in all capacities.
  • Some kennels cater to shyer dogs, while others encourage play among the boarders. Keep this in mind when choosing a kennel!

We want to thank you all for everything you do to take such good care of us! — Otis & Violet.


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