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When your pet’s appearance is at stake, you can’t trust just anybody with dog grooming in Indianapolis IN. Dogs are a part of the family, which is why they deserve the best service possible! At Zionsville Country Kennel, we offer a full-service grooming facility with a group of expert, professional groomers that can attend to all of your pet’s needs. Whether you’d like to schedule a session along with boarding, or come in for dog grooming alone, we are happy to take your requests from Monday through Saturday.

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Professional Dog Grooming

You may be asking why should you go to a professional for dog grooming? It's essential for both your dog’s appearance and health. While many people try to groom their pet on their own, there are several reasons why you should take your pet to a professional dog groomer.

  • They Have Better Products
    You should take your dog to a professional dog groomer because they will provide and use high-quality products. A dog groomer will have access to some of the best and healthiest shampoos, soaps, and other grooming products on the market. In many situations, it may be too expensive for the average consumer to buy these on their own. However, you will get to take advantage of these if you take your pet to a professional.
  • Quality Service
    Another reason why you should take your dog to a professional is that you will receive better overall service then if you have to do it on your own. Grooming a dog can be a very challenging thing to do on your own. A professional will know exactly how to keep your dog calm and patient during the process and will be able to effectively clean and groom your dog. Ultimately, this will result in a cleaner and happier pet.
  • Issue Identification
    A professional dog groomer will be able to identify issues and concerns that you may not have noticed yourself. A groomer will be able to notice areas of health concern that you can then discuss with your veterinarian. This could result in catching an illness or other health issue before it develops into a more serious condition.
  • They Have The Right Tools
    You certainly don’t want to use your own electric razors or scissors to groom your dog! Professional groomers have all the right tools to get your dog looking his best, from different nail clippers to an adjustable grooming table.

Unlike our competitors, we prefer to use all-natural products for your dogs. We offer nail filing, fluff drying, teeth brushing, and a seasonal bandana or bow to put the cherry on top! Our groomers have experience with all kinds of breeds and temperaments, so don’t be afraid to give us a try. Is your dog shedding excessively? No problem! Our expert groomers have created the perfect combination that includes a special shampoo, condition, and brushing process to greatly reduce shedding!

New puppies and older doggies alike all have a place in our groom room. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your furry best friend!

We LOVE Zionsville Country Kennel and its staff. — Von V.


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