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At Zionville Country Kennel, we offer the best dog training services in Fishers IN! We will work with you to determine the best dog training program for your dog and focus on your dog's particular needs.

A lot of people are on the fence about whether or not they should put their dog through training, but this is definitely something that can be very beneficial for your dog. While it is preferable that you start taking them in for training when they are puppies, it is still beneficial to take them in at any point in their lives. Here are three reasons why you should put your dog through training.

At Zionville Country Kennel, our goal is to help owners understand their dog's behavior and to make training fun for you and your dog by using up-to-date, proven positive rewards-based techniques to shape good dog behavior. Our dog training is designed to teach you and your dog behaviors that will be useful in your everyday life. We have a variety of training programs available so you can find the right program that suits your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss having one of our experienced trainers develop a program just for you and schedule a free training consultation!

Useful Dog Training Techniques for Common Canine Problems

Good behavior in dogs is not innate and owners will face at least one or two behavioral problems in their dog's lifetime, hence training is necessary. For example, have you gone to someone's house and their dog excessively growls/barks or jumps on you? Dog training helps stop problems often faced by dog owners, improving the lives of both the dog and owner. As expert dog trainers in Fishers IN, we want to discuss some useful training techniques for common behavior problems in dogs:


Giving chase is a common behavior that could lead to your dog getting lost or injured. Leash training is an appropriate solution for this behavior when you're away from home, however, teaching the "heel or stay" command is highly beneficial when you're at home.  


Canine aggression occurs from several factors and is a major problem that needs immediate correction. Aggressive dogs growl or snap at other dogs and people, including children. Unfortunately, more often than not, aggression is a behavioral problem needing the help of a professional.   


In agreement with the Humane Society, stop this behavior by making a distracting noise, offering an alternative and using positive reinforcement when they take the substitute. 


We give food or the leftover scraps from our meals to our furry friends which encourages them to beg. The best way to stop this behavior is to avoid it altogether. If your dog begs, go "cold turkey" and change routines like your dog's mealtime, as stated on Dog Health. 

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