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If you’re looking for dog training in Indianapolis IN, there’s no better place to do it than Zionsville Country Kennel! Our all-inclusive pet resort offers a variety of amenities, but our training program is what really sets us apart. Our team of experts has been addressing behavioral issues in dogs for over 10 years. We assess every dog’s situation differently and determine which solution is best before beginning.

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Training is very important for your dog's overall temperament and behavior. While it is preferable that you start taking them in for training when they are puppies, it is still beneficial to take them in at any point in their lives. Here are three reasons why you should put your dog through training.

Making Caring For Them Easier

When you put your dog through one or more dog training courses, they learn how to behave better and better each time. One of the positive consequences of this is being able to care for your dog much easier. Your dog will listen to you much better than they did before and will obey the commands that you give them. They will stop jumping up on you and others, they will be more obedient when they are on walks, they won't run away from you, they will be less destructive indoors, and the list goes on.

Creates A Strong Bond Between The Two Of You

If you and your dog go through training together, the two of you will create a very strong bond. Your dog will not only be more obedient to you, but they will trust you and will likely sense that you love and care for them. The two of you will want to please each other and your dog will likely become your best friend.

Provides More Opportunities For Your Dog

If you have a dog that is very well trained from the time that they are a puppy, this may create more opportunities for your dog. They may be able to compete in different kinds of dog competitions because they are well trained and will listen to your commands. You can also use them as a hunting dog, depending on what kind of extra training they have received. Lastly, if you would like your dog to be a service dog for you, then training is likely the only way that you can get them to the level of obedience and knowledge that they need to be a service dog.

Putting your dog through training can make caring for them much easier, it can help the two of your to grow closer together, and it can also create more opportunities for your dog because of how well they listen and follow commands.

Dog Training Indianapolis IN

We cover all kinds of training practices, including walking politely, good house manners, and even correcting unruly behaviors. We want to help you and your dog develop a stronger relationship, and training is the right way to do it! Zionsville offers both private training as well as group classes so that we can accommodate all kinds of personalities of dog. Call today to find out how we can help your dog become the best that they can be!

We want to thank you all for everything you do to take such good care of us! — Otis & Violet.


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