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We would love to learn about your experiences at Zionsville Country Kennel. Whether it is boarding, grooming, or kennel camp… cat or dog… good or not so good, we want to hear your story. Please email us. If your testimonial is published, you will receive a FREE day at kennel camp.

We love Zionsville Country Kennel! The staff are phenomenal and our dogs absolutely love going to Kennel Camp.

— Elaine

This place is the best. We drive past at least 7 closer groomers to take our dog here.

— Mike

Great place to board your furry family! My furbabies love it here

— Nanette

Thank you so much for your care and hospitality for Biskit. We were more than pleased with your facility and staff. We are probably the toughest test-clients you will have, as we are over-the-top crazy about Biskit. We were very anxious, as he very much dislikes being away from us. When we visited him after the first night, we were reassured when he willingly trotted away with your staff.

Biskit is a rescue dog and has a history unknown to us. He may have been abused, as he was very leery of people when he first joined our family. After his stay with you we noticed that he is much more comfortable with humans. That and several visits per day to the dog park have gotten him to the point that he is friendly (in a cautious way) with people and will usually let strangers pet him. Great progress! We were also pleased with how cute he looks with the grooming you did (last minute, I am guessing. Thank you for that.)

We also greatly appreciate your hospitality to us, accommodating our visits. Doting parents? Yes. When we next visit our daughter and her family in Zionsville, you will definitely see Biskit again!

Thank you again for the great job you do.

— David (and Biskit)

Congrats on being voted “Best Dog Boarding & Daycare” in the Zionsville Times Sentinel’s “Z” List. Awesome and well deserved. We love bringing our labs Shadow & Bailey to the Bark Park, and for grooming. The staff is always kind and welcoming and professional.

— Cindy

Nanci gives great advice for behavioral solutions to help with questions or issues not addressed in class. I love that you can tell how much she cares about our dogs.

— Kate & Chris

Best class ever. Outstanding understanding of dogs and dog behavior. We have learned so much. Thank you for your patience.

— Marianne & Dick

Thanks for taking such good care of Trixie!

— Kathy & Trent

Lady enjoyed her stay and was very happy with her haircut as well. Great staff and service.

— Lady & Heather

Went over and above for me and my pets. Took very good care of my babies.

— Barb

Max came home a tired, happy dog! He was in great shape – absolutely no complaints. We will leave him no place else!

— Jane

Stocker’s favorite “Home away from Home” was Zionsville Country Kennel for all of his happy, Chocolate Lab, nine years. All I had to do was to mention the word “Kennel” and he was always ready to leave the house! His happiness to have arrived was always obvious. When he was led away to his Kennel Run, he would always immediately leave and never ever look back at me!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of him for all these years!

— James

Thank you so very much for being so kind, loving, and patient with Hudson. He thinks of ZCK as his second home and you all part of his family!

— Danny & Barb

We want to thank you all for everything you do to take such good care of us!

— Otis & Violet

Our dog is calmer and happier after a stay here than with any other boarding facility we've used. She must really enjoy her outdoor playtime! The staff is friendly, too.

— Sheryl S.

We LOVE Zionsville Country Kennel and its staff. We board our dogs there, we've done obedience training and we do kennel camp. The staff are loving, caring and know your pet by name. We are so happy to have found ZCK!

— Von V.

Ruby has been going to the Zionsville kennel for about a year. She loves going. She starts barking when I get on 65 and stops when I let her out to go in. She runs up to door and they let her in and she is off for the day. Thank you to all the staff who makes this a great place.

— Sandy N.

We have an 11-year-old Maltese. She is extremely anxious and nervous around other people. We have had issues with her not eating when we have taken her to other kennels (so much that she has lost half her body weight before). It is very difficult for other people to pick her up or walk her on a leash. However, Zionsville Country Kennels went above and beyond to accommodate our high maintenance lady! She ate all of her food, socialized with other dogs, and walked on a leash. THANK YOU for caring for our Ellie just like she was your own. All the staff are very friendly and we felt right at home on our first visit. It is comforting to know our dog is in excellent hands while we are away from home.

— Emily G.

I love ZCK. And more importantly, so does my dog! All of the staff that I've met have been so welcoming, they always let me know how Wilson does while she's there. and she's seriously asleep before we get out of the parking lot. Kennel camp is a god send for my busy life! Thanks ZCK!

— Marissa J.

Abby started going to kennel camp a few months ago as a 10-week-old puppy. We love ZCK. Not only do they treat the dogs well and have tons of really fun and well-planned activities (it's like daycare for humans seriously!), the pup comes home totally wiped out. A good puppy is a tired puppy! We have also used their grooming services which we were most pleased with, and today just finished the beginner dog obedience class, which I also recommend. This place is well worth every single penny! We love it!

— Lisa M.

Our Great Pyrenees puppy, Axel, and I first took the 6-week Obedience training. I was so impressed with the staff, I decided to buy a package for him to attend the Kennel Camp. I wanted him to have as much socialization with other dogs as possible. We have a Pekingese also, but she isn't too social with him :). Long story short, we have since boarded both dogs for a weekend, had them groomed more than once, as well as our 2 cats. We love this place, and so do our animals!!!!

— Keir S.

Kennel Camp at ZCK is a great experience for your dog. Our Labrador, Dasha, LOVES ZCK Kennel Camp. She is always excited when we pull into the parking lot, anticipating play time with her canine friends and visiting with the ZCK trainers. Exploring the secure play yard and running with her friends provides opportunity for her to exercise and release energy in a way that walking on a leash does not provide. After the morning play session and a midday rest period, she is thrilled to return to the play yard for an afternoon of more fun. She particularly enjoys splashing in the pool during hot weather. At the end of the day, she is ready to go home for dinner and plop down for a good rest. I highly recommend ZCK Kennel Camp. A day at kennel camp provides opportunity for pets to socialize, exercise and adds a little zest to their life, taking them beyond the daily routine by providing variety and fun with other dogs. The facility is safe, secure, and supervised, providing necessary rest time as well as indoor play space when the weather is bad. Our experience with ZCK Kennel Camp has been nothing but positive. An added benefit is a tired dog when day is done, and usually the day following Kennel Camp, too!

— Sincerely, Dee & Joe Grecu & Dasha

We love kennel camp, especially when we plan to take our Scootsy on a long road trip with us. Our family is spread along the East Coast from New York down to South Carolina and it usually takes a 12-15 hour trip to get to our loved ones. And, they want to see ALL of us… including our dog. We have found that when we put Scootsy in kennel camp the day before we travel we have a calm car trip. Scootsy usually is curious for the first 30-45 minutes in the car and then she is off sleeping or just resting with her bone on the backseat since she is EXHAUSTED from her previous day playing with the other dogs at kennel camp. We have done this our last 2 trips and we will do it from now on… ALWAYS!!! Thanks so much!!!

— Kelly, Michael, Kaila, Trevor & Scootsy Kolodkin

We love their care of our dog. There's no place as awesome for our midsize dog. She gets her own space, play time, and her grooming always looks great!

— Lauren R.

We want to thank you all for everything you do to take such good care of us! — Otis & Violet.


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