Kennel Camp

Kennel Camp is our dog daycare program. It's a healthy (and fun) alternative for your dog on a daily basis, or when you can’t be at home all day to meet his every need. Camp dogs get plenty of indoor and outdoor exercise, socialization with similarly-mannered dogs, and individual attention all day long from our loving and dedicated staff. Camp directors continually work with all dogs to ensure they interact appropriately during their stay. Every dog receives a free first visit to Kennel Camp where we assess the dog to determine which group of dogs will meet his or her needs. Please complete the sociability form and bring it along with a copy of vaccination records to your free assessment day. 

Available for Drop-Off & Pick-Up Monday-Saturday, Year-Round: 7AM to 6PM

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Why Choose Our Kennel Camp?

Zionsville Country Kennel has the best dog daycare facilities in the state of Indiana! We welcome dogs from Fishers, Carmel, Lebanon, IN, and surrounding areas. Situated just off I-65 near Zionsville and nestled in beautiful Indiana farmland, camp dogs gather each morning in an expansive indoor room with direct access to the outdoor ‘relief yard,’ then run and frolic in 6 different grassy fenced play yards. Balls and flying discs are mainstays all season long. During the dog days of summer, we fill up the wading pools, pull out the water hoses, and let the dogs frolic in the water. When the cool, crisp days of late fall and winter arrive, the dogs are more than happy to romp in fresh air and snowy fields! During inclement weather, dogs play inside and try their skill on the agility equipment until it is nice enough to venture back outdoors. All dogs are given a midday rest in their own private quarters: clean, spacious, climate-controlled kennel runs with indoor/outdoor access.

Our staff is trained and experienced, so even an under-socialized dog has an opportunity to build its social skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. If you are unsure how your dog will interact with others, give us a call. We’ll be glad to assess your dog, work him into appropriate play groups, and monitor his progress.

Make New Friends

Your pet will have an opportunity to make life long friends at Camp!

Who is a Typical Camp Dog?

We welcome dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages, personalities, and temperaments as long as the dog is not aggressive or overly protective. For an under-socialized dog, camp directors can work with a dog to help ensure appropriate interactions. Kennel Camp is best suited for dogs that:

  • are home alone for extended periods of time
  • are crated/confined during the day
  • are high-energy and need a lot of activity
  • have weight issues and could stand to lose a few pounds
  • are non-aggressive and not overly protective
  • are people and dog friendly

Owners that send their dog to Kennel Camp are ones who:

  • work long hours and wish that their dog received more attention during the day
  • put off exercising their dog when the weather turns too hot, too cold, or too wet
  • want their dog to be tired at the end of the day
  • want their dog to interact and behave better around other dogs
  • worry that their dog gets bored at home
  • need a fun, dependable place for their dog when they run errands, clean the carpets, take a day trip, or have guests
  • have a new puppy at home but can’t leave work to let him out midday

Rates & Packages

Every dog receives a free first visit to Kennel Camp where we assess the dog to determine which group of dogs will meet his or her needs. After that, you will discover why ZCK Kennel Camp is the best bargain! Or, consider buying a package! Packages do not expire.

  • Full Day: $33.25/day ($31.50/day for boarding pets)
  • Half Day: $20.50
  • 15-Half Day Package: $240 - save $83
  • 15-Full Day Package: $420 - save  $79  (can be split into 30 half days)
  • 30-Full Day Package:  $780 - save $188 (can be split into 60 half days)

We also offer clean-up baths on inclement weather days. For $30, your dog can get a shampoo and towel dry prior to departure to ensure a clean, good smelling, and tired dog for the trip home.

It is comforting to know our dog is in excellent hands while we are away from home. — Emily G.


Monday – Saturday8a – 6p

Sunday2p – 6p