Dog Training

For over 10 years, Zionsville Country Kennel has been specializing in obedience training in Carmel, Fishers, and Indianapolis IN. Our expert trainers will help you address behavioral issues and develop a stronger relationship with your dog. Our dog trainers are ready to help you and your family build a long-lasting and enjoyable bond with your four-legged friend. We can help you determine what type of training is best suited to your situation, and then work together. From basic obedience, walking politely, good house manners or correcting unruly behaviors, our training programs are here for you.

Puppy & Dog - Basic Obedience Group Class

Classes meet weekly, and the entire family is encouraged to attend. Class size is limited to no more than 5 dogs so that owners and dogs get the attention they deserve. The benefits of this class format goes beyond learning basic obedience cues. We encourage an environment of community while sharing your achievements, mutual challenges or concerns and getting great advice from other pet owners. The extra bonus of group class is getting to know the other breeds that may be attending class with you and making new friends!

This six week class format is progressive and we add new behaviors or cues each week. Our focus through this program includes:

  • Leadership: structure, trust, respect
  • Manners Training: yielding, sitting at doors, no jumping, no biting, etc.
  • Basic Obedience: sit, down, heel, stay, recall/come, leave it, etc.
  • Distraction Training: noises, other dogs, environments, etc.
  • Socialization: with other dogs, people

The 6-week series includes:

  • 1 informational seminar (no pets)
  • 5 interactive classes (with pets)
  • Complimentary nail trim
  • 2 free visits to Kennel Camp or 2 free nights of boarding
  • Behaviors: sit, down, come, loose-leash walking, leave it and stay
  • Topics: socialization, house training, crate training, basic manners, handling, resource guarding, leadership, biting/chewing
  • Training skills to use throughout your pet’s lifetime

Private Training

If you have a puppy or dog that needs focused, individual training, or if that is simply your preference, our private training sessions are designed to meet your dog's particular needs and can be scheduled at your convenience.

Beyond Basics - Group Class

This six week session format goes beyond the basics. Long distance recall, sit stay, down stay, off leash work and the training needed for Canine Good Citizen certification. The group setting ensures fun for all and is a smaller class due to the challenging format. Contact our trainer for availability at (317) 769-6172.

Our Training Philosophy

Our training methodology is based on reinforcing positive behavior by:

  • laying a foundation of trust and discipline through repetition and praise
  • reinforcing information with praise and appropriate correction
  • exposing your dog to distractions that can otherwise quickly unravel learned behaviors

Free Training Consultation

It all starts with a free training consultation, so make your appointment with a ZCK trainer today! We'll schedule a time for you to bring your dog to the training center and then determine where your dog is in his training, where you’d like for him to be, and how much training you’re willing and able to do on your own. Call us at (317) 769-6172 to set up your dog's training consultation today.

We LOVE Zionsville Country Kennel and its staff. — Von V.


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